At Epic we believe in constantly innovating ourselves and looking for the best technology solutions at our executive offices as well as on the shop floor.

An Automated Process For Apparel Manufacturing 3D technology at the design stage can help reduce cost and time-to-market, contributing to a more efficient and profitable process.

Epic was the pioneer in building the first Post Cure facility with unique performance on Woven Pants back in 2006 and maintains a very large R&D team in Hong Kong and its production centers to constantly research new fabrics with the performance levels that are expected in the new era.

We developed our in built ERP "EPICOMS" taking a unique blend of the best providers in the world like SAP / Qlikview to create a unique integrated software that adds to our efficiency, while making it easier to service our customer partners.

With spiraling labour cost Epic has constantly grappled with using the right automation to enhance efficiencies and yet provide customers with a competitive cost.