At Epic all our factories are approved for building and fire safety by recognized third party auditors nominated by our customer partners.

Women's Empowerment

Global Women Economic Empowerment Initiative (GWEEI) is a program initiated by EGMCL, EPIC group in association with Walmart with CARE (NGO) in Bangladesh. The program focuses on workers health, their rights and responsibilities.

So far, we have covered more than 5000 women workers under this program.

  • HER project at CIPL, EPIC group comprises of programs that use external experts and peer-to-peer training to empower women workforce.
  • This program aims to promote healthy behaviors, reduce infection and illness and improve sanitation habits to enable them take responsibility of their lives and livelihood.
  • Launched in 2014, this programs has reached more than 2550 women employees.
  • EPIC plans to expand this project all our factories in Bangladesh by middle of 2015.

Electronic Payroll

Epic group has been one of the pioneers in Bangladesh to introduce salary transfer to all employees through bank account and providing a proper pay slip detailing salary, incentives and overtime earned by workers at all of their manufacturing facilities.

In order to achieve its mission of providing banking facilities to all workers, Epic group has done the following: 

  • Built ATM facilities at all factories at company’s cost
  • Absorbed bank charges related to transfer of salary to employees’ bank accounts
  • Trained employees how to access ATM and use banks for their savings and money transfer
  • Encouraged employees to save money under pension schemes of the bank

Supporting Education

As part of Epic Groups commitment to contribute to welfare of community Epic supports education through various corporate social responsibility initiatives.

  • Police School Aadamjee Dhaka
  • Hope School at Ashulia Dhaka
  • Education scholarships

Day Care Facilities

EPIC has day care facilities for the children of its employees in all of its factories in Bangladesh.

This serves as a great help especially to single mothers who are now able to leave their children in the capable hands of company managed day care center while they are working in the factory floor.

The company provides basic elementary education, nutritious food and medical care to all these children.

Medical Facilities

All factories of EPIC in Bangladesh run medical centers under full time qualified doctors and nurses taking care of injuries/ illness of all their employees.

First aid facility and necessary medicine are provided free of cost.

All units also maintain their own ambulance service for its employees 24/7.

Canteen Facilities

With our mission to provide quality welfare programs for our employees, EPIC provides clean, hygienic, water proof and well illuminated dining facilities in all its factories.

As part of employee benefits, Epic provides food allowances or company provided mid day meals to all its workers.